Zdjęcie  Kim Butterfield

Kim Butterfield

Data Scientist

Kim joined Geolytix in 2022 as a Data Scientist after completing her PhD at the University of Leeds. During her doctorate, Kim worked in collaboration with Sainsbury’s in which her thesis demonstrates the feasibility of applying individual-level modelling methods to refine spatial models used within the grocery sector. During her previous degrees, Kim has worked as a Demographic Analyst, and as a Spatial Data Science Junior Engineer. Alongside her studies, Kim also lectured at the University of Leeds to undergraduate and postgraduate students, covering topics such as coding for geographical analysis, visualisation of geodata in GIS, and the fundamentals of location planning and retail analysis.

Her experience and research in location planning, analysing loyalty card data, and customer segmentation supports the development of tools here at Geolytix.

Outside of work, Kim enjoys hiking, practising Olympic-style weightlifting, and videogames. She can also solve a Rubik’s cube in 17 seconds.

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