Location Planning Background

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Whatever the reason you need a location planning service, our mission is to provide you the best data, insight, knowledge, tools, and access to software to optimise performance to enable you to make the right investment.

Analiza Lokalizacji

What is location planning?

Location Planning is the process of helping you ensure your brand is in the right locations. Consumers choose to purchase products based on:

  • A need or desire
  • Which brand appeals most?
  • Channel - purchase online or in a physical shop
  • Convenience - How willing are they to travel? How easy is the shop to access?
  • Competitors - Are competitors closer and therefore convenience wins over brand choice

Our data and analysis combines all these factors along with the cost of build to determine the optimum location strategy for your business.

What is Location Planning

Why is location planning important?

Investing in physical stores and online depots are the biggest single investment a retailer or landlord will make. Getting it right is critical. We help you make strategic decisions you can be confident in and help you save money.

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The three pillars of Location Planning

  • Demand

    How many customers want to purchase the product and where are they?

  • Supply

    Who supplies these products and where are they located.

  • Time (or Tripcost)

    How can the product get from the supplier to the customer e.g. drivetime, online delivery time.

We build expenditure (or demand) datasets for the grocery market, fashion, DIY, electrical and out of home food across the globe.

We source, store and track hundreds of brand locations across the globe. If we don't have it in our database, we can get it for your users.

Whether it is drivetime or walk time we calculate everything required to understand your catchments and potential customers.

Three Pillars of Location Planning

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Why do our customers come to us?

The best location planning combines art and science.

Geolytix is unique in that we have the best data scientists to build bespoke spatial forecasting solutions, but also experienced location planners who can overlap their expertise on micro location and customer behaviour. We are trusted advisors who collaborate with our clients to help them with operational decisions and the property development process.

Our employees love providing insights and analysis on understanding consumers, the market and future business performance. Our solutions are customer-led and future thinking.

Why do our customers come to us?

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The Site Visit

Our employees provide insight, support our analysis and evaluate a given area by visiting. The store visit is essential in understanding the data and a model recommendation for specific locations. It helps to identify the priority development locations, to compare against site availability and provides an additional level of confidence.

The Site Visit

At Geolytix, we put together your location strategy based on our modelling expertise and years of experience and market research.

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Why does your business need a dedicated location planning strategy?

Retailers that truly understand their customers, catchments, market and stores give themselves a competitive advantage. Analysing the right data alongside know-how enables your business to open in the ideal location to gain new customers.

Dedication Strategy

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